Prime Day is underway at Amazon and there are great deals to be had on plenty of gadgets and accessories for the nerdiest of folks. We've already covered deals on phones/tablets/Chromebooks, but what if you're more interested in making your home a little smarter? Well, fret not, because I've scoured the discounts and used my search-fu skills to find the best deals for the smart home noobs and veterans alike, deals that are especially catered for you, the Android user.

But before I start with my list, let me remind you of the couple of deals we've already covered that are relevant in a smart home setting: the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are at an all-time low of $90 and $35 ($90 and $15 off, respectively), and the NVIDIA Shield TV is $20 off (remember that it's still slated to get SmartThings Hub integration and the SPOT for a cheap add-on Google Home-like experience).

And now, here are the other deals you might want to take a look at:

If you want my advice, you should definitely take a look at the LiFX bulbs: I love the vivid colors on mine and the fact that they don't need a hub like Hue to work. I'd also consider the Canary smart camera, as it's still one of my favorite connected cams (read my review) despite trying and reviewing plenty of other brands. The TP-Link plugs seem like no-brainers at this price if you have any appliance or electronics you want to make smart (a fan, a lamp, a TV, etc...). And I'm also a fan of the Wink Hub 2 (read my review), which is very attractive at this price.

Have you seen any other Prime Day deals for smart home enthusiasts? If so, share them with us below. My wallet is itching and I've just bought a Kindle Paperwhite so far.