Last year's Moto Z was an alright phone, but priced a little high considering its reliance on expensive add-on Mods. However, Amazon has a killer deal on the Moto Z right now. This phone, bundled with the Hasselblad camera mod, can be yours for $499.99. The phone by itself often retails for more than that.

The official price for the Moto Z is still $699, and indeed that's what Motorola is asking. It was that much on Amazon just yesterday (although it jumps around). Today, that phone is $499.99, and for the same price, you can get the Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod for free. That device by itself is listed on Amazon for $239.99. So, you're getting $200 off the phone's retail price, plus the free Mod.

The Moto Z is still a fast phone by today's standards, but the battery life is a bit short. The Hasselblad Mod isn't the most impressive camera I've seen, but it's great for outdoor photography thanks to its 10x optical zoom. That's real optical zoom, with moving lenses and everything. This deal probably won't last long, so get a move on.