People who like JRPGs tend to really like them. These games are usually rather spendy, though. Right now, you can get as many as nine JRPGs courtesy of Humble Bundle, Kemco, and HyperDevBox. Well, eight JRPGs and an action game. Still a good deal, though.

This is a three-tiered Humble Bundle, so you can decide how many games you want to unlock. However, even the top level isn't very expensive. Pay $1 or more and you get the base tier consisting of Generation of Chaos, Chronus Arc Premium, and Bonds of the Skies Premium. Beat the average price (currently sitting at $4.71), and you add Cross Hearts Arcadia, ExZeus 2 (which is more a shooter than a JRPG), and Crystareino Premium. Pay $5 or more and you unlock the top level with Blazing Souls Accelate, Spectral Souls, and Legna Tactica.

Several of these games are "premium" versions that have been stripped of the in-app purchase mechanics included in the regular Play Store version. All the games are DRM-free, and a few have support for NVIDIA SHIELD devices. The bundle just went live today, so you've got two weeks to pick it up.