Is your house missing some smart home essentials? Well now, you can knock that problem out for cheap. Google via eBay has both a Google Home and Chromecast 2nd gen bundle for just $99.99 - a savings of $65 over their combined MSRPs. And if you just want a Chromecast, you can pick up either the standard 2nd gen model or the Audio for only $25, which is $10 off the regular price.

Even on its own, $99.99 would be a good deal on the Google Home. In fact, that's almost the exact deal that the Google Store has for the Home right now. But for virtually the exact same price, Google's official eBay storefront will also throw in a free Chromecast 2nd gen - a $35 value. Essentially, Google just outdid Google.

But if you just want a Chromecast, whether it be a standard second-gen or an Audio, you can snag one for only $25 from the Google Store. All colors are available for the standard model (Black, Lemonade, and Coral), and the Chromecast Audio only ever came in the black/yellow color scheme. Both deals will last until supplies are depleted, and shipping is free.