This is a very specific but potentially great deal. Today over at eBay you can pick up a Galaxy S7 edge G935A carrier-locked to AT&T for just $299.99. They're not new, but they are being sold as "manufacturer refurbished," which is usually OK. Generally, we avoid talking about refurbished devices, but this is an incredible deal. 

Even the cheapest units for sale at Swappa are over $300, and most other retailers are selling them for $499, making this deal a bit over 40% off. Unfortunately, the phones are labeled as locked to AT&T so you might not be able to use them on other carriers. It is possible to apply for an unlock code via AT&T's device unlock portal, but YMMV. The phone will have to meet AT&T's requirements to be unlocked. If it can be, frequency support for the G935A model is fantastic, and the only possible omission is 3G support for Band 4 on T-Mobile.

The phone is available in black, gold, and silver. Reviews for the seller are generally positive, and they are being sold from the US, so shipping times should be reasonable. The buyer also offers returns, if for any reason the refurbishment isn't of acceptable quality.

This device is in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition, it is 100% fully functional as tested by our expert technicians and passed an industry leading 65-point inspection. The device may have minor cosmetic wear such as minimal light scratches on the screen and minor imperfections on sides and/or back. The device has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and refurbished (if necessary) at our manufacturer approved repair center.

One of our biggest complaints against the Galaxy S7 edge was the high price tag, but at $299.99 what few trepidations we had in our review are smoothed away. And even in 2017 it's a great phone. If you are interested, check out the deal yourself over at eBay via the source link below.