Google has provided updated numbers on what versions of Android are out there in the world, and again Nougat is showing a respectable, though not impressive rise. Nougat has increased by 2% across both versions, which is a bit weaker than last month's 2.4% rise. Some older versions of Android saw larger than expected decreases, but Nougat has still fallen behind the pace set by Marshmallow last year.

Nougat is now running on 11.5% of the Android devices out there. Compared to this time last year, Marshmallow was on 13.3% of phones and tablets. For the first few months of the year, Nougat adoption was tracking ahead of Marshmallow. Perhaps that was a bump from higher Pixel sales this year compared to Nexus phones last time. It's unclear. Marshmallow continues to be the largest segment of Android at 31.8%.

The good news is that KitKat dropped a full point this month. It's still a big chunk of devices, but it's been falling fast. In a year it might be a negligibly small sliver of Android. Gingerbread also continues dropping (now at 0.7%) after its bizarre tenth of a point jump in May. A few more drops like this and it'll fall off the charts along with ICS.