The CNN app has gone through many updates, redesigns, and revampings. Along the way, it lost widget support, but today's update rights that tremendous wrong. In addition, there is now an option to Chromecast your live TV feed inside the CNN app to another screen.

The changelog is really just those two things. Take a look.

Reintroducing the CNN Android widget, with additional functionality – we hope you love it! Also now including Chromecast support for live TV & full episodes.

The widgets are actually much nicer than the old ones. There are two sizes, both of which can be used to show you different categories of news. There's a larger scrolling headline widget, as well as a smaller one that only shows one story at a time. The smaller widget gains a hero image background when you resize it to be a little larger.

Chromecast support is pretty straightforward. Start the feed, tap the cast button, and you're done. Everyone gets 10 minutes of free trial streaming in the app. After that, you need to log in with a cable subscription.

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