Google Assistant is pretty great, as far as virtual assistants go. You can ask it questions, play games with it, and order stuff from Google Express. But it also has a few problems, like it can't set reminders on the Google Home and it doesn't know where Arizona is. Yes, you read that last part correctly.

For at least the past week, Google Homes in Arizona have been incorrectly reporting the local time. When asked for the current time, affected Homes will respond with the current time on the East Coast. Asking for other location-based answers, like nearby restaurants or the weather, work as intended. To make matters more confusing (and hilarious), Arizona seems to be the only state affected. For some users, Google web search is also reporting the wrong time.

According to the forum thread in the source link below, Google is aware of the problem and is still working on a fix. Let us know in the comments below if your Google Assistant is having trouble with geography.