It's a foregone conclusion now that Motorola plans to bring back the Moto X brand in the coming months. There have been several leaks showing off the device, which may even come to Project Fi later this year. We've now gotten our best look yet at the device thanks to a leak from Evan Blass. It has a sleek rounded frame, narrow bezels, oh, and the camera module looks like a face.

We can glean a few details from this image. For one, the front of the device does indeed appear to have "3D glass," and the left and right bezels are extremely narrow. There also appears to be a headphone jack on the bottom edge next to the USB port. The device has a front-facing camera flash as well. Around back, things get a little weird with the now-standard round Motorola camera module.

A previous leak showed the camera module with the flash toward the top. Here, it's at the bottom and the dual camera array is above that. So, it looks a lot like a face. In fact, the "eyes" and "mouth" have almost perfect emoji proportions and positioning inside the round camera module. This has not gone unnoticed.

This is still just a render, but it does look like a finished product. We'll have to see if the camera face survives in the final design. Maybe Moto is just trolling.