We love to bring you the news that matter here at Android Police. We're all about the life-altering changes and the rapid technology advances, we're at the forefront of all the leaks, bugs, minor and major improvements, and we strive to keep you informed of all the crucial news. And this Monday, we're starting with one such critical piece of information: My Talking Tom has reached 500 million downloads on the Play Store.

Eye roll.

Another eye roll.

Multiple other eye rolls.

I'm at a loss for words, honestly. I'm both shaking my head at what our world has come to and fascinated by the fact that a game as silly as this with a squeaking character that makes me want to rip my ears off has managed to weasel its way to over 500 million downloads. For many years, kids around me couldn't get enough of it and many adults downloaded it to give it a try. It has also caused a whole movement of similar "Talking" characters and animals with the same ear-irritating tonality and adorable designs.

This kind of sensational success is what many apps and games strive for and yet so little achieve. Pou, another game where you take care of a weird alien (who looks like the poo emoji), recently made it to 500 million downloads as well, so it seems like the recipe of success involves an endearing but awkward character and an addictive mechanic that keeps you coming back again and again to take care of it. Oh and lots of IAPs with updates that give you yachting outfits and outdoor furniture. Critical stuff. (Check the latest My Talking Tom changelog.) Still, with massive competition between similar concepts on the Play Store, it's hard to know which games will make it and which won't. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back with the news of another one of these in a few months reaching 500M.

And now the week is officially kicked off. It can only go uphill from here, folks.

My Talking Tom
My Talking Tom
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Price: Free+
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