When your watch is misplaced, and the clock is figuratively and not-quite-literally ticking away as the battery slowly dies, what can you do? If you ever find yourself in that particular position, thankfully you can locate Android Wear devices in Google's Find My Device app. It only works for Android Wear 2.0 devices, and without a speaker the utility is... limited. But, the next time your sofa eats your watch, you'll have a plan. 

It turns out that it isn't that difficult if you know where to look, and Google may have only recently added the feature. But, if you don't already know where to look, you might miss it.

Since back in 2015 you've been able to find your phone from your Android Wear watch via the Android Device Manager. Well, it turns out that the newly renamed Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) supports the reverse: you can use your phone to locate Android Wear devices. For the feature to work, the watch you are looking for needs to be connected and running Android Wear 2.0 and up. If your watch has a speaker the app can set it to ring away until you touch the screen or hit a button, so you can easily hear where it is. Without a speaker, Android Wear devices just vibrate. So while you may still hear it depending on where it is, odds are it won't be as loud.

We can't be sure exactly when the feature was added, as it wasn't there back in 2015 when the ability to find your phone from your watch was introduced, but it's there now. From what we've been able to determine based on the older app's description, it was likely introduced as part of May's update, but we can't be sure. When the app was updated, it took a while for the text on the listing to be changed. The May changelog wasn't even posted until well after the update hit.

So, if you lose your Android Wear watch, now you know that you can find it via Google's Find My Device. It might be a good idea to keep the app around just in case. So, if you don't already have it installed, you can pull down the latest version via Google Play or APK Mirror.

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device
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