If Motorola was a boat, it would already be at the bottom of the ocean with all these leaks. If you're not familiar with the company's current lineup, the existing Moto Z Force is a more durable version of the Z with a "Shattershield" screen (from the DROID Turbo 2). We already know what the Z2 Force will look like, but now it seems like it will come to AT&T.

As you may know, the existing Z Force is a Verizon exclusive in the United States, carrying the 'Moto Z2 Force Droid' name. Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, has posted an image of an AT&T-branded Z2 Force:


Evan previously said that the phone would come to carriers like T-Mobile, but an image of that model hasn't been revealed yet. Either way, the fewer carrier-exclusive phones, the better.