There are times in a person's life when they just need to charge up six devices at the same time. When that day comes, will you be sitting dejectedly next to a surge protector stuffed with a random assortment of low-amperage OEM adapters, or will you be brandishing this Anker 6-port charger? Not only can this glorious 60-watt brick spit 2.4 amps on each port (and 12 amps total), but today you can get one over at Amazon for just $20.49, or $5.50 off, via coupon code.

I actually have one of these. Without it, my bed stand was a war-zone. And, so far I've had a good time with it. Although it doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge, at 2.4 amps it can still top up most of your devices in good time. It's also quite small for how much power it supplies. And with 2,831 reviews and 4.8 stars, odds are you won't run into any issues. And even if you do, in my experience with their other products, Anker has decent customer service. Just be sure to use the code GEYC7LFE at checkout to get the discount.

The only potential drawback is that when six devices are plugged in at the same time, you won't get the full 2.4 amps on all six ports, as it only has a maximum output of 12A. Still, in the worst case scenario that just means devices might charge a bit more slowly until one or two is topped-up. And for a hair over $20, one could do a lot worse. Just keep in mind that shipping may not be free without Amazon Prime if you don't meet the minimum order size.