Asus didn't pop up much on our radar until a few years ago when the ZenFone 2 came in at a competitive price. The ZenFone 3 family hasn't been as popular, but there certainly are more of them. One variant of the ZenFone is the lucky winner of "first Nougat update," the ZenFone 3 Max (model ZC553KL).

The OTA comes with version number 14.0200.1704.119 (the old software is a v13 variant). The changelog only lists the update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat from Marshmallow. We can assume that comes with all the usual things like split-screen apps, better doze mode, and proper quick settings customization, and more.

This update is just starting its rollout, and Asus points out it can take up to a week for it to reach all phones. The announcement also (erroneously) mentions the ZenFone 3 Deluxe, but this seems only to be for the Max right now. Hopefully more Asus phones follow soon.

According to the ASUS ZenTalk forums, another ZenFone 3 Max variant, the ZC520TL, began receiving an update to Android Nougat a few days ago. However, unlike the ZC553KL above, the ZC520TL seems to only be getting Android 7.0. We don't have a ZC520TL to confirm, so we hope this is a typo as it's a little weird to see only 7.0 come to the device when 7.1.1 is already available for another variant.