Someone at Google has a real fascination with round icons. Over the past few years, we've seen them become the default shape for most of Google's app icons, adorn the Pixel launcher's app drawer, pop up in the Play Store, get tested as search shortcuts in the Google app, just to name a few instances. And now at least one user has spotted round icons for the different stories to read cards in his Google Feed.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the two stories have big round images next to the text, but as Anjo also notes, if you look closely, you will also see that the source icon (favicon) next to the site's name and article's age is also round. You can tell by the very rounded corners on the Phandroid icon and the cutoff F in Forbes's icon.

We've checked on several of our devices and we still see square images for the stories and full favicons, so this seems to be a limited server-side test, and if you ask me, it's one I'm not too keen to be a part of. Publishers usually agonize over making their favicons and try to use the limited space as best as they can, so having them cut off like that does yield awkward results. As for the content image, if there is enough space to display more of a photo, I'd like to see more of a photo please.