Glitch Games is no stranger to the escape room genre on Android. Their Forever Lost series, along with The Forgotten Room, and the free-to-play Cabin Escape: Alice's Story have all been quality escape room games and this week's release of All That Remains: Part 1 is no different in that regard. So if you are a fan of difficult puzzles presented with atmospheric art and music, All That Remains: Part 1 should be right up your alley.

As mentioned above, All That Remains: Part 1 is a new escape room game that has released on Android this week. For those unfamiliar with the escape room genre, they mainly consist of puzzle solving through finding clues in your limited environment. As you collect these clues, you will have the information necessary to solve particular puzzles, which for the most part will allow you to progress further, finding even more clues.

Now, normally you can expect an escape room game to have a lot of challenging puzzles scattered liberally throughout their worlds and All That Remains: Part 1 does not stray from this norm. But what is really nice about this release in particular is the fact that it not only includes an auto-save feature, ensuring you don't lose your progress, but it has an in-game camera that makes it easy to take photos of any of the clues you find, which should result in a lot less backtracking.

While I have yet to venture that far into the game, what I have seen of it so far is quite a solid effort. Since Glitch Games have yet to release any duds on the Play Store, I would say that this is a fine pickup for any fan of the genre. Considering that the included auto-save and in-game camera features allow the experience to be that much more pleasurable, it just makes it that much easier to recommend picking this title up as soon as you can.