When Corbin reviewed the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 — whoa, that's a mouthful — at the end of 2016, he called it the iPad Air running Android. The display and speed impressed him, but one of his major complaints was the software: both the added ASUS customizations and the fact that it ran Marshmallow gave him pause before recommending it. At the time, ASUS said that Nougat would come to the tablet, but wasn't sure when.

Well, it's now 6 months later and the ZenPad 3S 10 is finally getting Android 7.0 Nougat. Not 7.1 mind you, but it's Nougat nonetheless. The update brings multi-window, bundled notifications and quick replies, customizable multi-page quick settings, new Unicode 9.0 emojis, and removes some pre-loaded content but in true ASUS fashion adds other things instead. Here's the full changelog:

  1. Remove redundant app shortcuts “Audio Wizard”、“Splendid” 、“System update” from all apps menu.
  2. Remove ”PC Suite” (CD ROM)
  3. Remove “Tap and hold to show menu” from Settings > ASUS customized settings > Touch key setting. Add “Tap and hold to activate Multi-window ”in Touch key setting.
  4. Default Tap and hold Recent apps key to activate Multi-window
  5. Quick Settings supports multiple pages, user can swipe left to right to see more quick settings if using more than 12. User can enter edit screen by tapping the edit button on top right corner to determine which settings enabling or disabling.
  6. Add "Game Genie”
  7. ZenUI Keyboard added New Unicode code 9.0 emoji and skin tone.
  8. The preloaded Holo Spiral, Bubbles, Black Hole, and Phase Beam live wallpapers are not compatible with Android N and will be removed after system update.
  9. Add bundled notifications switch. (Settings > Notification > Configure notifications.) When multiple notifications for a single app are received, they can be bundled together into a single group. This group can be expanded to seethe individual messages.
  10. For user who use Easy mode, a Launcher app menu will show on the screenafter upgrading from Android M to Android N. Please select yourdefault launcher again.
  11. Lock screen wallpaper slideshow: Change wallpaper every time you wake up your device. And users can go to"Settings" -> "Lock screen" -> "Wallpaper slideshow settings" for setting.

You should start seeing the notification to update to V14.0210.1706.20 on your ZenPad 3S 10. If you don't, you can manually check for updates and be patient. OTAs usually go out in batches to make sure there are no major reports of bugs.

  • Thanks:
  • Marco Antunes