MWC Shanghai started today and Samsung is on the floor making some announcements. The first one is the growth of its ISOCELL technology to become a standalone image sensor brand, with 4 new sub-brands that cater to different devices and markets. The aim is to make it easier for customers to recognize the main strength and features of future devices' cameras.

The 4 sub-brands are Bright for great low-light images, Fast for quick autofocus even in the dark, Slim for thin sensors that still deliver great photos in slim devices, and Dual which have combinations of different sensors to bring multiple features in one device.

The latter is the most interesting as it falls in line with what's been rumored about the new Note 8. And thanks to the official image above from the showfloor and booth, Samsung clearly wants you to know that ISOCELL Dual can have a 13MP RGB sensor with a super thin BW sensor with symmetrical lens... which happens to coincide happily with the Note 8 rumors.

The move from single lens to dual lens was bound to happen at one point for Samsung, as this particular setup has quickly spread to different brands recently and seems to yield great results and satisfy users without a lot of compromise on the manufacturer's side (no added thickness, which is an expensive smartphone real estate, less need for bigger pixel or sensor technologies, no significantly larger file sizes for images, etc...). It's only a couple of months until we have official confirmation of what the Note 8 will have, but based on this latest announcement, I think we know a little bit more about its camera.