Android Pay has barely been available in Canada for a month, but it already has a good selection of debit and credit cards signed up to use the service. The latest to get on board is American Express, adding the first card that isn't a MasterCard or Visa to Android Pay in the country.

This is great news for Canadian Amex users, especially considering the card is not yet supported on Android Pay in the UK (which we've had since May 2016). For some reason American Express wants UK card holders to use its proprietary "AMEX Pay" service via its own app rather than enable it on Android Pay. This is particularly frustrating considering Amex is available on Google's app in the US and Australia. Anyway, enough of the bitterness. I'm happy for you Canada – honest.

With the addition of Amex, that takes the number of banks and credit unions available on Android Pay in Canada to nine, including a good many more cards. Once you've added your Amex card, you can use it the same as any other by waking your device and tapping it on a participating payment terminal. You'll still need the Amex App if you want to check your balance and see your membership rewards, though.

If your card isn't yet available for Android Pay in Canada it's just a case of watching this space, as new ones will be continually added.

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