Samsung is far from the best company when it comes to product names (remember the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch?). In a similar vein, there are actually two tablets called the Galaxy Tab S2 - one released in 2015 with an Exynos processor, and another in 2016 with a Snapdragon chip. Verizon's Snapdragon model already received an Android 7.0 update, and now it's the Exynos model's turn.


The update has a version number of NRD90M.T817VVRU2DQE1, and includes Android 7.0 with all of Samsung's TouchWiz Grace UX features. Combined, there is enhanced multi-window support, a new battery management feature, an App Power Monitor, an improved camera app, and a new keyboard engine.

To check if your Verizon Tab S2 has an update, open the Settings app and navigate to About > Software updates > Check for updates. As always, it's probably a good idea to download the update over Wi-Fi instead of a cellular data connection.