Samsung took a big hit last year when the well-reviewed Galaxy Note 7 showed a propensity to burst into flames. Samsung eventually had to recall millions of units and cancel the device entirely. The company has been working on a revamped version of the Note 7 in recent months, but now the Wall Street Journal has release details. According to the WSJ report, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition on July 7th in South Korea.

This date matches a previous leak, so this seems like a lock. The Fandom Edition (or FE for short) will still be recognizable as the Note 7, but some of the internals will be different. Presumably that means the batteries, both versions of which were defective and had a tendency to catch fire. Samsung plans to ship as many as 400,000 Galaxy Note 7 FE devices in South Korea, but it's unclear how many (if any) will be released in other markets.

The Note 7 FE will be a little cheaper than the original Note 7 was last year, but not much. The WSJ says the phone will be priced below 700,000 South Korean won, which works out to $613. I suspect the price would have to be much lower for the Note 7 FE to sell any units outside of Korea. Although, it's possible Samsung won't bother releasing it elsewhere.