After months of rumors, leaks, and hype, the OnePlus 5 was released earlier this month to mostly-positive reviews. However, the numerous missteps OnePlus has taken over the past years have put into question if the phone is worth the $479 asking price. Yesterday, OnePlus hosted an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit to discuss the phone, but the end result wasn't pretty.

If you've been keeping up with OnePlus over the past few months, you probably know about the company's spotty update record. It originally promised to update the OnePlus X and OP2 to Android 7.0 Nougat, then stayed completely silent about it for months, then finally admitted it wasn't going to happen. This calls into question what kind of software support the OP5 will get, but OnePlus answered exactly zero comments on the matter.

Another popular question was related to the OP5's camera blobs. As you might know, Android devices usually have proprietary modules (usually called 'binary blobs') for controlling specific hardware, but OnePlus has yet to release camera blobs for the OP3, OP3T, or OP5. Again, all of these questions went unanswered.

There were other popular topics, ranging from the OP5 'cheating' on benchmarks to customer service concerns, but at this point let's discuss what OP actually responded to. One of them explained why the Amsterdam pop-up had a shortage of phones, another stated that a gold OP5 was in development, and the rest were mostly hardware or software related.

Honestly, the results of the AMA shouldn't really be surprising to anyone familiar with the company. OnePlus has a history of making bold claims and over-hyping, while under-delivering and promising to listen to its fans. As the company's phones become more and more expensive, the lack of clear software support and other concerns make its flagships less and less appealing.

I recommend reading some of the other top comments on the AMA at the source link below - frankly, the thread belongs on /r/RoastMe.