The Google News & Weather app for Android has been updated semi-regularly since it was re-branded in 2014. But during that time, the desktop site remained mostly unchanged. Today Google took the wraps off a brand new Google News site, which not only has a fresh coat of Material Design, but also adds some major new functionality.

The new layout consists of a user-configurable sidebar, a list of 'Story Cards,' and additional info like weather reports and commonly-searched keywords. At the top is a new tab bar, with sections for headlines, local news, and personalized topics.

The Story Cards are designed to display multiple perspectives on a given story, to provide a more complete understanding of the given topic/issue. Related links are even given helpful tags, like "Opinion" or "Live Updating."

There are a few other minor additions worth mentioning. The algorithm for selecting videos has been improved, and so has the built-in player. Google News also has a new Fact Check box in the sidebar, which lists recently-checked major articles (currently only in the US). Finally, clicking 'Full coverage' on any of the Story Cards brings up a full view of related coverage on a topic.

The new design is rolling out globally, and should be available to everyone within a few days.