The Fitbit Alta may not be the coolest trendy kid on the block — that's the Alta HR now — but it's certainly still a good option for all-day activity tracking. It logs your steps, distance, and calories, automatically recognizes your exercise and sleep, and reminds you to move every hour if you've been sitting for a while. It comes with a small screen that shows the time, your daily stats, plus call and text and calendar notifications. And it has a very elegant and slim profile with plenty of designer accessories just in case you want it to look better on your wrist.

I can speak from experience (I've been wearing the Alta HR daily for a few months and it's the same aside from the HR monitor) when I say that the Alta is comfy, easy to wear and forget, and useful to have when you're trying to be more active or stay active throughout the day. The problem with the Alta, though, has always been its price. At $129.95, it's expensive and way too close to the more powerful Charge 2 to even be considered by some. But now Amazon is dropping its price by almost half to $69.99.

At the time of writing, that discount is only available on the small sized band in either the black or plum colors (all the other configurations appear to be over $100). But the band is removable and you can easily find good third-party replacements in other colors and sizes for a few bucks. So this is still a nice deal, regardless of whether you need a small or large band. Plus, according to CamelCamelCamel, this is the lowest price ever for the Alta on Amazon. The one main caveat though is that it seems you have to be a Prime member to benefit from the discount. If that's the case for you and you want one of these, head over to the links below.