For a long time, video games were all pretty hard. Then, they got much easier. Roguelikes seek to bring us back the days of high-risk, high-reward gaming with punishing difficulty, permanent death, and retro graphics. Humble Bundle is halfway through its celebration of the Roguelike genre, and now you can win this latest game bundle. That'll make up for all the not-winning you'll do when playing these games.

There are nine total games available in this bundle, so no new ones have been added at the mid-way point as Humble Bundle sometimes does. If you pay $1 or more, you get Desktop Dungeons, bit Dungeon I, and bit Dungeon II. A $5 payment adds Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, Road Not Taken, and Dungelot: Shattered Lands. Beat the average price (currently $5.26), and you get Heroes of Loot 2, Sproggiwood, and Star Chindy: SciFi Roguelike.

If you want to try your luck winning the bundle, we've got 10 codes to give away. Here's the deal.

To win one of 10 free codes for the full Humble Mobile Bundle Best of Strategy bundle, just leave a comment below. We'll select the winners on June 27. Good luck!

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