If you've been using Verizon's prepaid service, you may have noticed some limitations in the variety of plan management methods. That is to say, short of visiting the My Verizon site, you didn't really have many options. But, starting June 28th, Verizon prepaid consumers will be able to manage their plan details and view things like data consumption with the My Verizon app. 

Verizon redesigned its plan management app just last year, and the new version is quite a bit easier on the eyes. Some people might prefer to handle their carrier interaction on a desktop, but being able to view and modify services, change data packages, monitor usage, and make bill payments all from your phone is a tremendous convenience.

Postpaid customers have been able to use the app for some time, but until now prepaid customers were left out in the rain. There's no telling what motivation Verizon may have had for finally including prepaid customers in on the fun, and even now there are still some restrictions. Only customers using the $40, $50, $60, and unlimited plans will be able to use the application.

If you're a prepaid customer interested in checking it out, you'll still have to wait a couple more days. Although Verizon made the announcement today, prepaid customers won't be able to use the app until June 28th.

My Verizon
My Verizon
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