Phone scams are getting more frequent and elaborate with time. Nowadays, one of the schemes involves scammers pretending they're from the IRS and accusing you of fraud then requesting payments to clear up your name and account. You'd have to imagine that a lot of people wouldn't dare questioning the IRS or appearing the least bit resistant or uncooperative with its reps, so these scams are usually very successful.

What the scammers didn't count on in this case, though, is messing with a programmer. When the victim realizes he's being duped, he proceeds to write a script that calls the scammers' phone number 28 times a second and floods their lines completely, rendering their entire operation useless. You can hear the frustration in the voice of the operators and call after call, it quickly moves from mildly amused to annoyed to light cussing then verbal threats.

It may not be directly Android-related, but it's one of those great videos we had to share with you as it's all quite vengefully sweet. Watch it unfold below: