It might be a bit later than the competition, but this new feature certainly isn't unwanted. Now when you request a ride in Lyft, you might be shown alternative pickup locations to save you extra time. That way if your driver has to navigate a complex area to get to you, you can shave off some extra driving time with a short walk, and everyone gets where they're going faster.

The new feature is optional, so if you called your car ahead of time and still need a few minutes to get ready, you won't be forced to walk to another location to be picked up. It's up to you if you want to use the feature, and you'll only be asked if there is a pickup location nearby that would save you time.

To take advantage of the new pickup suggestions, all you need to do is request a ride, and the app will automatically recommend a spot you can walk to that would save time, if one applies. You can even see the route you need to take to make it to the new pickup spot on your screen. Then all you need to do is tap "Update" to accept, or "No, thanks" to reject the offer.

Uber has had this feature for a couple of years, now. And it's saved plenty of people, including me, a good bit of time being picked up in complex neighborhoods. Sometimes there's a perfect storm of one-way streets that make it a lot easier to walk a block or two away.

If you'd like to give the feature a try with Lyft, you can download the latest version of the app over at Google Play, or APK Mirror. They've even added a new feature to let you round your fare up to the nearest dollar amount and donate the difference to a charity of your choice.