Keeping an eye on your humble abode is something many companies are happy to help you with these days, but most of the WiFi security cameras out there require a power source. Not Arlo Pro, which has a rechargeable battery that's good for around six months. These cameras cost a pretty penny, but the two-pack is currently on sale for $336.62 on Amazon.

Arlo Pro works indoors or outdoors, but you'll have to find a place inside for the Arlo Hub. That's what runs the dedicated low-power WiFi network that the cameras connect to. One upshot, the hub has USB ports that support removable storage. The Free Arlo plan includes 7 days of online storage, but your videos can be saved forever locally on a USB drive.

The two-pack is usually $420, so this is a healthy $83.62 discount. The cameras have built-in feet for setting on a flat surface, as well as a basic wall mount. If you want to put the camera outside or in a non-permanent wall location, you'll need a few accessories. If you need more than two cameras, the add-on single camera is available for $169.99, $20 less than usual.