Should the first-party Samsung fast chargers be a bit too rich for your blood, this deal might serve as an alternative. Today over at Amazon you can pick up a Seneo Fast Wireless charger for just a hair shy of $15, via a coupon. Even better, the charger is quite specifically listed as being compatible with Samsung devices, and it can even perform so-called "fast charging" with them. Now your Galaxy S8 can wirelessly suck down 10 watts of juice for just $15. 

The ratings for both the seller and item are quite high. The product has over 800 reviews and 4.4 stars, but do keep in mind that it is sold by a third party (if that worries you.) It is both fulfilled by Amazon and Prime eligible, though, so you won't have to pay for shipping if you have Prime or meet the minimum order size.

To pick up this deal, you'll need to use the code 8354OREN at checkout. Otherwise, you'll be charged the original price of $20. This promotion also only applies to the black version of the charging stand, the white color is still $20. If you're convinced, feel free to pick up one of these here. Just remember to use the coupon.