If you're worried about things like IPv4 exhaustion, today is a good day. Google has just released an update for the Google Wifi app — and their Google Wifi and OnHub routers — that brings IPv6 support to the two networking devices. Other features in the new update include a warning when using the "Family Wi-Fi" feature to pause a connection on the current device, the ability to delete custom names, and a tool for benchmarking the speed of your mesh network.

Users of Google Wifi and OnHub were able to use IPv6 in limited ways before, such as in bridge mode, but support for the protocol wasn't included until this most recent version. Given the fact that we're running out off IPv4 addresses, we'll all end up having to move over to IPv6 at some point. It may have taken Google a while to add it in, but at least we have it now.

Family Wi-Fi was introduced in the last update, but the warning for disabling the current device is new. It makes sense that it would ask to make sure that you are locking yourself out intentionally. The ability to delete device names seems like an unfortunate omission if they can be assigned in the first place, so it's good to see that change.

By far the most interesting of the new features outside IPv6 support is the Network Check, which gives detailed results for mesh speed. That way you can see if any one unit isn't performing as well as the others, and perhaps make changes to your layout to improve things. So if the unit in your kitchen operating more slowly than the others, you'll be able to know, and perhaps find a better spot for it than between the fridge and microwave.

The full changelog is available below:

9460.40.5 (Google Wifi & OnHub)

Published June 2017
This software update includes:
  • IPv6: You can now enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on Google Wifi
  • Family Wi-Fi: Warning appears when you try to pause your own device
  • Device names: Ability to delete a custom name you previously created for a device
  • Network Check: See detailed results of your mesh speed
  • General stability & performance improvements

The update should be rolling out, if not now, then soon. If you don't see it on your devices in the Play Store for some reason, you can also pull it down over at APK Mirror.

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