Sometimes you just want to sit down with a good book, but you've got places to be. That's where Audible comes in. This Amazon-owned service is the largest source of audio books online, and you can buy a 1-year membership right now at a steep discount. $100 gets you a year of Audible with 12 credits.

For the unfamiliar, Audible memberships come with book credits. Most books are a single credit, but some cost two. This deal gives you a credit per month, so that's up to 12 audio books. You can always buy additional books with cash, but they're much more expensive than a print or ebook. This same yearly membership usually costs $149.50, so you're saving about $50.

After a year, your membership will renew at full price, but you can cancel and keep all the books you bought. This deal is only open to new Audible members or those who have canceled their accounts more than 30 days ago. The promotion runs through June 28th.