We've all been there. You're deep in the woods, maybe fist-fighting bears, maybe live-acting Minecraft, perhaps even escaping Shia LaBeouf. But, in the middle of things, your phone starts to buzz away in your pocket. Wouldn't it be way more convenient to just take a glance at the outdoor-optimized, 50m water-resistant, Android Wear 2.0 Casio WSD-F10 strapped to your wrist, rather than risk pulling your phone out of your pocket? Not only is that the better option, today you can pick one up at Amazon for just $330. 

Over at REI or Dick's, you'd spend $400 for one of these units, but right now you can pick one up for a lot less. The Black/Black model is the cheapest at $330, and the Black/Red model is right around $340. That's a $60-70 savings minimum, some places are even selling them at $500.

This smartwatch is built for the rugged outdoorsy types. It has both monochrome and color LCD screens layered on top of each other and set in a 56.4mm case. The monochrome display is allegedly a power saving mechanism that allows the smartwatch to limit its function, operating only as an ordinary timekeeping device to reduce energy consumption when needed.

The Casio WSD-F10 also has a built-in activity tracker, altimeter, barometer, and compass. It's even water-resistant to 50m for short periods. And it has all the same basic features that all Android Wear devices do (it can pair with your phone and show you stuff). For a high-activity wearable, the only real omission is a heart rate sensor, and often those don't even work correctly.

So, the next time you're escaping actual cannibal Hollywood superstars, you can rest easy knowing you'll be slightly less distracted by notifications.

Now we're seeing even lower prices. You can pick up the Black/Black model for $317, and the Black/Red model for $323. Technophile lumberjacks everywhere, rejoyce!