Back in April of last year, Nokia announced its intent to purchase French health company Withings. Withings was known for its large range of consumer health products, including smart scales, activity trackers, Bluetooth thermometers, and more. Today Nokia is not only announcing new health products, but also discontinuing the Withings brand entirely.

Withings' entire product portfolio has been rebranded to Nokia, and now redirects to All of Withings' existing products seem to have made the transition, except the Ara sleep tracker from 2014, which is being discontinued.

The Nokia Body smart scale.

The first new product announced by Nokia is the Nokia Body, a smart scale that retails for $59.95. It's a bit basic, being only capable of measuring weight and BMI. There's also the $129.95 Nokia BPM+, a softer and more compact version of Withings' previous blood pressure monitor. It can measure systolid and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, and can share data with the user's medical professionals to better examine treatment for conditions like hypertension.

The Nokia BPM+.

In addition to new physical products, Nokia has rebranded the old Withings mobile app to 'Nokia Health Mate.' It connects to Nokia's new products as well as all existing Withings devices. The app has a more minimalist look, with new programs and tools designed to help achieve fitness goals.

All of Nokia's health products are now available from a variety of retailers and sites, including Best Buy,, and Bed Bath & Beyond. They will also be sold at CVS, Target, Babies-R-Us, and Apple in the near future.

Withings Health Mate
Withings Health Mate
Developer: Withings
Price: Free

Press Release

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the availability of the largest, most comprehensive line of connected consumer health products in the market. Completing the transition of products from the Withings brand, Nokia trackers, scales, vital health devices and home products will now be available in-store and online through top retailers.

"Nokia's global expansion into digital health builds on Nokia's unmatched track record of quality, reliability and trust, which are characteristics that are all critical to success in the health industry," said Brad Rodrigues, interim president at Nokia Technologies. "The products are beautiful, easy to use and fit seamlessly into people's daily lives, enabling individuals to easily monitor and improve their health."


The Nokia digital health product line offers convenience, choice and accessibility for every lifestyle. From those desiring a healthy change without a drastic behavior overhaul, to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Nokia meets the widest range of consumer health needs. New products announced today include Nokia Body, a BMI Wi-Fi connected scale, and Nokia BPM+, a compact blood pressure monitor with a flexible cuff. The redesigned Nokia Health Mate app functions as the heart of the ecosystem by giving users a 360-degree view of their well-being.


"Nokia's line of digital health products delivers actionable insights, giving users the equivalent of a daily check-up," said Cedric Hutchings, vice president of Digital Health at Nokia. "Today's launch extends the accessibility of our products to a broader range of users and needs, giving families the personalized experience they need to live healthier lives together."


Nokia is focused on transforming the dynamic between patients, doctors and the medical community with tools focused on the prevention of chronic conditions. Through its partnerships with some of the world's most renowned institutions in medical research and clinical trials - including Scripps, the University of Pennsylvania, the Mayo Clinic, the American Medical Group Association, Stanford MedX, Ochsner Health System and the University of Helsinki - Nokia is committed to collaborating with leaders in the medical community to positively impact societal health worldwide.


"To face the global health crisis of chronic diseases related to lifestyle and behavior, we need powerful and engaging tools and solutions," said Nokia Chief Medical Officer, Matthew Diamond, MD, PhD. "Nokia is committed to shifting the focus from treatment to prevention, empowering consumers to take control of their health."


Redesigned Nokia Health Mate application offers tailored coaching solutions

Nokia Health Mate sits at the center of the digital health experience, collecting data from each device to provide insights and trends on weight, activity, sleep and blood pressure. Key features include:

  • Enhanced navigation for the discovery of content.
  • New wellness programs to help users reach health goals based on their specific health and well-being needs. These programs, endorsed by medical professionals, take users on a multi-week journey with tailored content and recommendations that adapt to each user's progress over time. 
  • Five new programs including Sleep Smarter, Better Body (available for pre-order), Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart and the Leaderboard are available on Health Mate to improve sleep, manage weight and fat mass, control blood pressure, manage weight gain during pregnancy, and get more active.  
  • Tools to visualize progress towards goals, leading to stronger outcomes.


The new Nokia Health Mate app is available for download on iOS and Android app stores.


Nokia Body: BMI Wi-Fi connected scale makes weight management easy and affordable

Nokia Body is a new BMI Wi-Fi connected scale at an affordable price complementing the existing line-up of Nokia connected scales including Body+ and Body Cardio. Body offers smart weight management for the entire family and provides high accuracy measurements via Position Control technology, a patented body position detector.

Body features include:

  • Weight Trend Screen: See progress during each weigh-in to stay motivated.
  • BMI Insights: Instant access to BMI trend and data analysis over time to help users reach their goals.  
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Synchronization: Recognizes up to eight users with independent sync. 
  • Personalized Coaching: With the Nokia Health Mate app, users can personalize their goals within the app and track activity and food intake. 
  • Nutrition Tracking: Food tracking with MyFitnessPal.


Body is available at, and Best Buy and will retail for $59.95.


Nokia BPM+: delivers blood pressure monitoring on the move

Now featuring a soft cuff, Nokia BPM+ is a new, compact blood pressure monitor providing users with an easy, more comfortable way to measure their blood pressure at home or when traveling. BPM+ measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. FDA-cleared and medical CE approved, BPM+ ensures accurate monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate over time, and can share data with users' medical professionals to prevent, manage and monitor the efficacy of treatment for conditions such as hypertension.


BPM+ is available at and Best Buy and will retail for $129.95.


Nokia Body and Nokia BPM+ bolster company's line of digital health products

The award-winning portfolio of connected health devices from Nokia marries next-generation sensors within beautiful, premium products grounded in human-centric design.

  • Connected Scales: Nokia Body Cardio, the world's most advanced connected scale featuring heart rate monitoring and Pulse Wave Velocity to assess overall heart health; and Body+, a body composition Wi-Fi scale. 
  • Activity and Sleep Trackers: Nokia Steel, a sleek activity and sleep tracking smart watch; and Go, a simple yet advanced activity and sleep tracker. 
  • Blood Pressure Monitor: Nokia BPM, a FDA-cleared and medical CE approved wireless blood pressure monitor. 
  • Other Technologies: Nokia Home, a video and air quality monitor; and Nokia Thermo, a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected temporal thermometer.


All products are now available online at and select retail stores including Best Buy, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The products will soon be available additional retailers including CVS, Target, Babies"R"Us and Apple.


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