Google announced its search-based Google for Jobs at I/O this year, but the feature has only appeared intermittently as a test since then. Starting today, Google for Jobs is officially available in the US. Just start searching in Google, and you'll get detailed job listings right in Google.

You can trigger the Google for Jobs interface by searching for things like "jobs near me" or "retail jobs." Basically, anything that seems like a job-seeking search, Google will offer targeted job filtering. Google takes you to a full job search interface if you tap on any of the new options.  This makes the various filters easier to access, and you can refine your search. Many listings will also include reviews and ratings of the employer.

Google says it will expand the search filters over time, but there are already a few dozen across different categories, titles, and company types. You can test this out for yourself on both desktop and mobile, but again, it's only live in the US right now.