Google might not have sold as many Pixels as we might have imagined, but it's trying to up those numbers. Earlier this month, Google started offering a $75 statement credit when you bought a Pixel with financing, but now it's swapped that deal out for a free Google Home ($129 value).

The promo just started today, and entitles anyone who buys a Pixel XL on the Google Store to one Google Home. Simply add both items to your cart, and the cost of the Home will be removed. However, if you return the Pixel XL, you have to return the Home, too.

If you were considering getting a Google Home anyway, this is a better deal than the $75 credit. Plus, you don't have to use financing to get the freebie. You can still do financing if you want, though. No end date for the promo is listed, but the last one didn't last long.

Project Fi

Project Fi has the same deal available, except better. On Fi, you can get the free Google Home with the Pixel XL or the regular Pixel.

Google is a lying liar

Despite the Google store claiming this deal only works with the Pixel XL, it seems to work with the Pixel too. So, it's not just Fi.