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Featured App

TeamSnap-Sport Team Management

Today's roundup is presented by TeamSnap-Sport Team Management, from TeamSnap, Inc. As you can imagine, it can often be pretty challenging to coordinate and organize youth and recreational sports. Luckily TeamSnap-Sport Team Management is here to help. Not only is there a centralized calendar that will synchronize an event's information to each and everyone's device, but you also have the ability to see who is scheduled to come to a game and who isn't. And if that was not enough of a reason to check out the app, there is also a safety feature built in so that you can quickly receive push notifications for any emergency. Frankly, if you are on the lookout for an easy way to communicate needed information with your team or their parents, TeamSnap-Sport Team Management is a great solution.


TeamSnap's team, club and league management app has taken youth, recreational and competitive sports management into the 21st century. Fifteen million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap’s sports team management software to sign up, schedule, communicate and coordinate everything for the team, the club and the season. TeamSnap's sport app for Android makes organizing youth sports as simple as click, tap and go. For more information, please visit www.teamsnap.com. Or simply download TeamSnap now to try it out.

Free and paid plans are available with features that:

  • Make managing any sport easier, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse and more
  • Get all the info you need with team roster management at your fingertips
  • Help you track who’s coming to each game or practice
  • Sync personal and team calendars for easy team scheduling
  • Send messages to the whole team or just a group, making team communication a breeze
  • Receive real-time game updates with TeamSnap Live.
  • Manage volunteers, carpool, field clean-up, lineup creation and more with Assignments
  • Easily share team photos and files


Caledos Runner - GPS Running Cycling Walking

Caledos Runner has enjoyed a good bit of success on the Windows Phone platform. Having recently released an app for iOS last November, Caledos Lab has finally released an Android app onto the Google Play Store. Much like other popular exercise applications, Caledos Runner tracks your workouts in a highly detailed manner. This way you can compare your data in order to see how much progress you have made. Sadly, like most other exercise focused apps, Caledos Runner does contain in-app purchases that range up to $10.99 per item.


You love running. You'll love Caledos Runner. If you want to start running or want to improve your performance, this app offers you the right motivation to do so. We'll help you reach your goals by tracking your progress and by helping you analyse results. Millions have already done so - start now and have fun with us.


First I would like to mention that Grasshopper is in early beta. So that does mean it may not be feature complete, and there may be bugs as well as other issues. With that out of the way, this is actually a pretty ingenious tool. You see, Grasshopper is intended to be a coding platform that teaches JavaScript from scratch. So while this is not a tool for professional coders, those new to JavaScript are given useful building blocks to help learn the language. Currently, Grasshopper is available for free, and it does not contain any advertisements or in-app purchases.


Grasshopper is an early beta prototype for a coding platform that teaches JavaScript from scratch.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free
Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Solar Eclipse Timer

One thing that clearly sticks out from my childhood is the enjoyment of watching solar eclipses with my father. Somehow he always managed to have a few extra arc welding glass filters laying about just in time to look at a solar eclipse. Of course, as the years move on, daily life takes precedent over watching an eclipse. This is why I was so excited to see Solar Eclipse Timer pop up on the Play Store. Now I can easily find information on when the next eclipse will happen and where. So if like me you are eager to see our next eclipse, you can pick up Solar Eclipse Timer for $1.99 without worry of any advertisements or in-app purchases.


Solar Eclipse Timer is your smart phone guide for a total solar eclipse. It's like having your own personal astronomer help you on Eclipse Day. It is extremely simple to use and has unique features that are ONLY found in this app. Just get into the path of the solar eclipse, and then with just 2 taps on your device, the app is ready to "talk" you through the eclipse. Created for first-time eclipse observers as well as veteran eclipse chasers, it is released in time to prepare everyone for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people and Solar Eclipse Timer is an inexpensive tool to ensure that you don't miss a second of this wonderful event.

Solar Eclipse Timer
Solar Eclipse Timer
Price: $1.99


Users of MyAnimeList.net should be happy to know that they have another option available to them for managing their anime and manga lists on the go. They will also have the ability to read reviews, browse related content, as well as recommend and view recommendations from their friends and family. If that sounds appealing, just wait until they hear that MALClient can be installed for free. They just need to keep in mind that while there are no advertisements, in-app purchases are present and run as high as $3.99 per item.


MALClient is 3rd party app for managing your anime and manga list on MyAnimeList.net as well as accessing other website features. To top it off it's fully open sourced.

  • Browse your own list as well as others'.
  • Update your anime entries.
  • Read anime reviews.
  • Browse related anime.
  • View top anime and manga in various categories.
  • Search for characters.
  • Check Character&Staff details.
  • Read MAL News&Articles.
  • View your watching/reading history.
  • Watch promotional videos.
  • Manage favourite shows, characters etc.
  • Browse most recent recommendations.
  • Build your weekly calendar with currently airing shows.
  • And much more.

Developer: Drutol
Price: Free+

Aivon - Artificial Intelligence Image Identifier

You might not know it, but easily identifying people and objects through A.I. and a camera can be a pretty useful tool for your smartphone. Anytime you are questioning what some celebrity name is, just snap a pic. Don't know what type of food that is, snap a pic. What kind of dog is that, snap a pic. Just keep in mind that Aivon - Artificial Intelligence Image Identifier is still in development. So while not every search will be correct, it is surprising how often the app is correct. Just watch out for the included advertisements, they can be intrusive and loud.


Aivon is a powerful image analysis app powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables users to understand the content of an image. Can't figure out your favourite movie star's name? Quickly snap a picture and Aivon will help you. Our advanced vision-based computing capabilities tool can recognise whatever you’re looking at and offer any essential information you require. Additionally, Aivon can also read facial expressions, color of an object, behaviour, and also it's surroundings.


Voxy takes your standard movie watch list app and turns it into a socially focused platform where you and your friends can share and review movies. This way your social circle can keep each other up to date on what they have been watching and enjoying. Currently, Voxy is in beta, so that does mean there may be a few bugs or unfinished features. You can pick up Voxy for free, and as of yet, there have been no advertisements or in-app purchases added to the title.


Ever wanted to recommend a show or a movie to a friend? Voxy lets you share your reviews of your favourite shows and movies with your friends. You can also see your friends reviews and save movies or shows you'd like to watch for later. You'll never have to waste time thinking about what you'd like to watch, because you'll have access to all your friends' recommendations.

Voxie - Talk About Movies & Shows
Voxie - Talk About Movies & Shows
Developer: For X
Price: Free+

Fingerprint Gestures

There are quite a few devices out there on the Android platform with fingerprint sensors. The thing is, not all of them yet allow for swipe gestures to be used on the sensor. While Fingerprint Gestures is not the only app to add such compatibility, it is the newest. What sets it apart is the included Tasker integration. You can grab Fingerprint Gestures for $0.99, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases included with the download.


Requires a device with a fingerprint sensor running Android O (SDK 26). Single Swipe & Double Swipe gestures allow for complete customization. Tasker task support allows for limitless possibilities. You can turn off your screen, toggle your flashlight, skip or rewind your music, take a picture, turn on your T.V., and so much more.

Fingerprint Gestures
Fingerprint Gestures
Developer: Cloudy Day Apps
Price: $0.99

CRAB - Custom Recovery Auto Backup

The first thing to consider with CRAB - Custom Recovery Auto Backup is the fact that it is a ROOT only application. So if you are not rooted and don't plan to be, you can just skip this one. For those of you who are ROOT, this is a pretty useful release. Basically, it automates backing up your device. Now you will no longer need to do this yourself, as you can just schedule a time you want your device to do it on its own. CRAB - Custom Recovery Auto Backup is available for free, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases. You can't get much better than that folks.


CRAB allows you to schedule a time to back up your device. If you ever damage your device and need a recovery, CRAB will have made one just last night. No longer do you have to manually back up your system. Last nights backups are deleted before the new one is made so always have a current backup. Make sure you have enough space on your backup location for the backup to work. Root and a custom recovery that supports openrecoveryscript (IE: TWRP, CWM) is required for CRAB to function. Enjoy.

Manufacturer And Tie-In Apps

ASUS ZenFone AR Demo App

Okay, so this ASUS ZenFone AR Demo App does say it is compatible with a wide selection of devices. But after testing, it does appear that the app will not work unless installed on an ASUS ZenFone AR. So those of you who plan on getting the device, you are in luck. From a casual glance, it does appear that this is a minigame collection of AR centric games. They do look simple in nature, which would point towards this being more of a tech demo than a full-fledged experience. The ASUS ZenFone AR Demo App is available for free, and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases present in the release.


This is Augmented Reality demo application for ASUS ZenFone AR use.

Live Wallpapers

Knots Live Wallpaper

Having seen enough free live wallpaper apps filled with advertisements, I thought it was time to include a premium live wallpaper in the app roundup. Luckily Knots Live Wallpaper is just that. For $1.99 you receive an abstract live wallpaper that lets you customize to your heart's content. Want a slower animation, you can do that. Want different colors, you can change those too. All in all, Knots Live Wallpaper is an excellent choice for those of you looking for a customizable live wallpaper that is free of advertisements.


Knots Live Wallpaper. Get moving knots on your screen. Make your screen elegant and stylish with Knots live wallpaper. What you can customize:

  • Accent Color
  • Base Color (Backgrounds)
  • Background Gradient
  • Lines Appearance
  • Knots Count
  • Knots Velocity
  • Knots Life Length

Knots Live Wallpaper
Knots Live Wallpaper
Developer: DotCode Apps
Price: $2.49

WTF App(s) Of The Week

Clap Emoji Text Maker

It feels like it has been ages since I have listed a WTF app. Well, that trend ends today! That is right, Clap Emoji Text Maker ticked all the right boxes, and I just had to include it in the list. Essentially this is a simple app that allows you to type out text that can then have a clap emoji inserted between each and every word. So if you are one of those people that love beating a meme to death, it looks like Clap Emoji Text Maker is here to fulfill your wildest dreams.


Clap Emoji Text Maker offers a quick and simple solution for creating text messages where the clap emoji is displayed between words (often seen in online memes). Quickly copy your text message to the clipboard after creation for easy pasting into conversations or statuses.


Clap Emoji Text Maker
Clap Emoji Text Maker
Developer: ViaPackets
Price: Free

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