Best Buy's short Father's Day promo is set to expire tonight, so if you are interested in picking up LG's latest flagship, the G6, on Sprint for just $5 a month over 24 months, you'll have to do it soon. That price works out to $120 over two years, a savings of $609 over the full retail price. That is an exceedingly good deal. The promotional offer does have some terms and conditions associated with it, and the phone isn't likely to work outside of Sprint's network. But, if it fits your niche, it's a fantastic price. 

This promotion is only available at Best Buy and Sprint, so far as I can see, and it expires tonight. It also requires that you activate a new to get the offer. So if you aren't already paid off, or you aren't interested in signing up for Sprint service, then you are out of luck. You can pick it up in black or "platinum," just be sure to select "$5.00/mo." under pricing options.

Our review of the G6 was positive, and some of our few criticisms might not be the sort of thing other people would care about. The display, battery life, and build quality were all great. If LG's software and camera don't bother you, then you're likely to come away quite pleased. All that's left standing between you and this deal is the clock and an extra $5 a month

Sprint is also running the same deal with an extra $30 off via the coupon code ACTWEB. That brings your total price down to $90 for a new LG G6. Dang.