You might have one or two (or more) phones sitting unused in a desk drawer or in a closet. Maybe your iPhone 3G or Droid 3 hasn't seen the light of day for a few years. If that's the case, and you've been eyeing a Galaxy S8, Samsung has just the deal for you.

Right now, Samsung will take a minimum of $200 off a Galaxy S8 or S8+ if you trade in your old phone. That increases to $300 if you send a Note 5 or S7, and $350 for the S7 edge. Once you order an S8 and receive it in the mail, you just have to put your old phone in the S8's box and ship it back to Samsung.

As you might imagine, there are a few rules. Only phones in "good condition" are eligible for the discount, and anything else will only take $25 off your S8 purchase. Good condition means the phone has to turn on and hold a charge, have a functioning display, and not have any damage beyond "normal wear and tear" (like breaks or cracks). Your phone also cannot be on a blacklist of any kind, and can't have any anti-theft protection enabled.

The trade-in program is available for the AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, and unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+. If you're buying an unlocked S8, you get another $100 off. In addition, you also have the option of buying a Gear 360 for $49. See the source link below for more details.