Having fast charging is a godsend when you're in tight situations. Whether you've forgotten to charge your phone overnight or you just need a quick top-up while you're driving somewhere, quick chargers are guaranteed to get your phone juiced back up in no time. If you're in need of one, Amazon's Deal of the Day for today includes a few powerful Anker quick chargers, both for your home and when you're on the go.

There are five Anker products that are being discounted today, but one of them is a Lightning cable, so... meh. The other four may come in handy for you guys, though. Here they are:

  • PowerPort 4: a 40W wall charger with four ports that can deliver up to 2.4A to each port. Qualcomm Quick Charge isn't supported, but this is the fastest charging you're going to find short of that. It's $18.99 today, but for whatever reason, only the white one is discounted. It regularly goes for a hair above $22, so you're saving a few bucks here.
  • PowerDrive Speed 2: a 39W car charger with two QC3.0 ports. It usually goes for around $27, so today's price of $18.89 will keep a little over $8 in your pocket.
  • PowerPort Speed 2: a 39W wall charger with two QC3.0 ports. The average price is around $26, but you can get it for $19.99 today.
  • PowerLine microUSB (5-pack): five microUSB cables with varying length (two 1ft, two 3ft, one 6ft). You'll pay $9.69 - $2 lower than its usual going price.
  • PowerCore 15600mAh battery: a battery pack with two ports capable of up to 2.4A. This isn't on Amazon's Deal of the Day page, and the current price still shows as $31.99, but using code ANK15600 at checkout will drop the price down to $25.

The Amazon links are scattered throughout this post, but you can see them all (aside from the battery) in the source link below. And keep in mind: these deals are only good for today, so don't wait up.