The Google Drive client for Windows and Mac is.. decent. It's a bit buggy, and at least on Windows, seems to disconnect every once in a while for no apparent reason. Back in March, we learned that Google was working on a new version called 'Backup and Sync,' because the company accidentally pushed an unfinished version to users which didn't work at all.

Now it seems like Backup and Sync is nearly ready for release. In a post on the G Suite Updates blog, Google announced that this new client would replace the existing Google Drive sync program on Windows and Mac. All your Drive settings will be merged over to Backup and Sync, so you don't have to worry about your synced folders getting reset.

The new client is also integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader. I'm not sure why they didn't just combine the two of them, but maybe that will happen at some point. Google says the new Backup and Sync app will be available for download June 28. Keep in mind that this is separate from Drive File Stream, which is targeted towards G Suite organizations.