Last year Google announced an update to the Google app that would bring an additional tab to Google Now. The new interface was meant to separate general items in your feed from more personal data, by partitioning the latter into a new "Upcoming" section. Well, it's been six months since it was announced, and it seems as if almost no one has the feature.

For the unfamiliar (which seems likely, given how few people on staff have received the new interface), the new tabs were meant to separate personal items out of your Google Now feed. So items related to your interests like TV recommendations, sports, and articles would live in the Feed section on the left, and personal information like packages, schedules, commute times, and boarding passes would live in the Upcoming tab on the right.

We contacted Google about why the feature doesn't seem to be present on all devices yet and we were given the following statement by a Google spokesperson:

"The addition of Feed and Upcoming are now launched to a wide array of Android and iOS devices but is not currently available for a small subset of devices that have swipe access to the Feed from the homescreen. We look forward to sharing updates on this point soon."

Based on the statement, it would seem that the feature is only present for users that don't make use of Google Now compatible launcher, a detail that was notably missing in Google's blog post on the subject at launch. So far most of us here at Android Police have yet to even see it on a device, and only two of us have the new interface at present. With the news that a third tab is set to join, most of us are still left waiting for the first two.

Now that many launchers (and ROMs) have integrated Google Now, perhaps Google will be able to expand integration for the feature. After all, Google's own Pixel even ships with an incompatible launcher. One would have expected first-party support for the new feature. Hopefully we'll see the new tabs on more devices soon.

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