HTC is doing some weird things with its latest generation of phones. They're shiny, rounded, and there's no headphone jack. So, how's HTC's new design when it comes to durability? JerryRigEverything on YouTube has put the U11 through its paces, and it didn't go well. This phone did not survive the tests, so it goes on the shelf of shame. I'm not sure if that's a real shelf, but the point is the phone is broken.

The U11 performs as expected in the scratching and burn test. As it often is for lesser phones, the U11's downfall is the bend test. The HTC U Ultra passed this test, but it didn't look pretty afterward. The U Ultra's back glass panel cracked, but the U11's front glass cracked and also destroyed the LCD. With the phone inoperable, it gets a fail.

The reason for the failure is twofold, according to the video. The U Ultra used a flat glass panel inside a plastic frame, but the U11 has curved glass sitting on top of the metal frame. That design is inherently weaker. Additionally, the metal frame flexes a bit (by design for Edge Sense). Combine those, and the glass screen fails before the frame does. So, that's a bummer.