Google Maps has a lot of data, some of it contributed by users. Google is keenly aware that you can get people to contribute to a service rather easily as long as you give them points. The points don't even have to be good for anything, although Local Guides points do come with some rewards. Today, Google is adding new levels to the Local Guides program and offering new ways to earn points so you can reach these higher levels.

Previously, there were only five Local Guides levels, but now there are ten of them. Levels four through ten also have a cool badge system. Badges are even better motivators than points. It's a scientific fact. As before, you can get perks after hitting level two that include nearly access to new features, and occasional discounts from Google and its partners. At levels four through ten, you get three free months of Play Music and 75% off a movie rental.

Certain activities in Maps give you more point, like being the first to add a location. Starting now Local Guides can earn a smaller number of points from rating locations or fact checking other Guides. That's great, but can we get some more badges? Googleplz.