Most new phones come with USB type-C ports these days, and that has brought with it a number of different fast charging standards. It can be hard to know if a particular cable will fast charge a given phone, but the Satechi USB-C power meter takes the guess work out. This neat little gadget is on sale right now for $22.95, which is $7 off the regular price.

The Satechi USB-C power meter has a Type-C plug at one end and a female Type-C port at the other. Simply plug it into your phone and attach the charging cable to the power meter to see how much juice is flowing. Type-C is a more versatile plug than microUSB was, so you can even attach the power meter to a Type-C adapter outlet and run a Type-C cable from the power meter to your phone (see below).

A small monochrome display lights up when the meter is active that shows the voltage, current, and total milliamp-hours sent to the battery since the last time the power meter was plugged in. Wattage is not shown, but you can figure that out by multiplying the voltage and current.

We have a few of these devices floating around at Android Police, including the one we used for our hands-on. You may even have seen some photos of it pop up in other reviews. The $7 discount works out to 23% off the usual $30 price tag. It's not huge, but that's a good deal for the Satechi USB-C power meter.