Since Alexa was updated to support voice calls and messaging, the common complaint has been that one can't block communications. There was no whitelist or blacklist so anyone with the app and your phone number would be able to call your device and force you to listen to their message. Even if a number were blocked on your phone, it would still ring your Echo. Well as of today that's no longer a problem. The Alexa app has now been updated to fix the privacy omission. You can now block contacts.

The feature hit on iOS yesterday before landing on Android today. And it's quite easy to get things set up. Just go to your Conversations tab, select the contacts icon, and tap "Block Contacts." It will ask you who you'd like to block. It's as simple as that, you won't have to worry about unwanted calls or messages on your Echo again. The full changelog is below:


* Bug fixes and performance enhancements

* The ability to block contacts from calling and messaging you. Scroll down on your contact list and tap the “Block Contacts” button.

If you've been dying for the feature to land, feel free to pull it down over at Google Play below.

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Amazon Alexa
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