We've had the Daydream View VR headset here in the States for nearly half a year now, but the same can't be said for many other countries. However, Google has just announced that the Daydream View can now be purchased in India from major retailer Flipkart for 6499 rupees.

The Daydream View for India is still the same old Daydream View we saw six months ago, with the same fabric construction, same controller, and same supported phones. In his review of the Daydream View, David found that while it can be a fun little toy, it's not really worth the $79 MSRP.

Indian customers will have to pay a more substantial 6499 rupees though, which is equivalent to $101 USD. Granted, a lot of mobile devices there are more expensive than they are here, but it's still a decent chunk of cash. The Daydream View is a Flipkart exclusive in India, and you can find the listing here.