The smarthome has a whole encompasses a great many elements. One of the ones often forgotten in our love of light bulbs, outlets, and cameras is the sprinkler control system. For those of you that this might appeal to, you should check out the deal that Woot is running on the Rachio 2nd generation 8- and 16-zone controllers; the former is $149.99 and the latter is $179.99, which means that the savings are $50 and $80, respectively.

Rachio gives you fine-tuned control over your irrigation with its smart sprinkler system. You can set automatic schedules that adapt to the weather, control it from anywhere via your phone (with the app in the widget below), and water your yard using precise algorithms that can also help you save on costs. Both controllers also work with IFTTT, Alexa, Nest, and others — they connect to your home WiFi network, too (thus the smart).

At time of writing, Woot is only running this sale for another 9 hours while supplies last. You can head down to the source link to check it out. Oh, and if it means anything to you, the Rachio comes with Artem's personal stamp of approval.

Developer: Rachio
Price: Free