If you are looking for a universal remote with home automation chops, the Logitech Harmony Elite is pretty near the top of the high-end selection. And now it's just $250 at both Amazon and Best Buy. Whether you've yet to dip your toes in the convenience of a modern programmable remote control, or you're an old hand at automated television operations, the Harmony Elite is the remote to beat.

The Harmony Elite doesn't just include the remote control, either. The included Harmony Hub allows you to control all your living room devices from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. You can even make your own little macros for custom operations if you need them. Add in remote access to your Harmony Hub via your Harmony account, and you too can come to enjoy scaring your significant other in the middle of the night or interrupting Netflix binge sessions halfway across the country.


I have one of these, myself, and It's indispensable. I quite enjoy games for older consoles like the SNES, and with this, I can set up custom operations for my Framemeister at a per-game level, so that each and every title is rendered exactly the way I want with a single selection. And with the Harmoy Hub, when I need to fire up my Chromecast and watch some Twitch, I can have things ready via a quick selection on my phone before I even get to the living room.

If I was feeling frugal, I could do simple automated operations with a cheaper Harmony remote, or use my phone to control living room devices with just the Harmony Hub. But, with both the Harmony Hub and Harmony Elite, all my bases are covered. I can troubleshoot and even add devices on the fly, without having to worry about repositioning IR transmitters or connecting my remote to my computer.

If you are into home automation, it can even control some smart lights, and it works with Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. With all these features, it's more inconvenient not to own one of these than it might be to buy one. When you've rationalized picking one up, they'll be available at the source links below. And you can check out the app for the Harmony Hub via our lovely widget, or over at APK Mirror.

Price: Free