Ah, the Galaxy Note7. It had such promise, but it was gone too young. Now, though, it's getting a second chance on life in the form of the Galaxy Note FE, and it's launching in South Korea in early July with the Bixby virtual assistant on board.

We already knew that Samsung would be releasing a refurbished Note7, but didn't have many details. But according to a report from ETNews, the phone will launch on July 7th on Samsung's home turf of South Korea. The phone was reportedly supposed to debut a week earlier on June 30th, but Samsung decided to triple the supply from 150,000 units to 450,000 to three carriers.

The Note FE will also reportedly come with the Bixby voice assistant on board. It's worth noting that South Korea is still the only country that Bixby has been fully deployed in. We don't expect to see a Bixby button on the side of the Note FE, though; it's probably for the best.

Pricing is said to come in at around 700,000 won ($619), which is a bit of a reduction from the Note 7's MSRP, but it's still a decent chunk of cash for a phone that has a not-new Snapdragon 820. Samsung reportedly thought about setting pre-orders up, but ultimately decided against it. It'll be interesting to see how all this pans out.